Zen Filmmaking

The Zen Films of
Scott Shaw & Donald G. Jackson

Many of the films listed below link to pages where you will find Production Information and Production Stills, others go to Amazon.com where there is more information about each film and where copies may be purchased, while some go directly to the Scott Shaw Zen Filmmaking Channel on YouTube where the entire Zen Film may be viewed.


Aberration Israel
Aberration Israel

A Space in the Time

A Space in the Time 2

The Adventures of Ace X and Kid Velvet

Armageddon Blvd.

Alexander Hell Vampire Hunter

Angel Blade

The Back of Beyond

Big Sister 2000

Blood on the Guitar

Bluegrass Christmas Party

The Cancelled Movie

Cinematografia Obsesion

Conrad Talks Hollywood

Count Vlogula
Count Vlogula

Crimes of the Chupacabra


Donald G. Jackson Diary of a Michigan Migrant Film Worker

Dinner and Drinks

Donald G. Jackson: Confessions

The Drive

The Drive II: 395 Miles from L.A.

The Drive III

A Drive with Linnea and Donald

El Chupacabra: Las Entrevistas Perdido: The Lost Interviews

El Chupacabra: A Zen Speed Flick


Frogtown News

Ghost Taxi

Guns of El Chupacabra

Guns of El Chupacabra 2: The Unseen

Guns of El Chupacabra 3: The Lost Interviews

Guongdong Province, China: Poverty and Promise

The Hard Edge of Hollywood

Hawk: Warrior of the Wheelzone

Hellzone Rangers
Hellzone Rangers

Hitman City

Hollywood P.D. Undercover


The Journey Has Begun
The Journey Has Begun

Killer: Dead or Alive

Legend of the Dead Boyz

Legend of the Roller Blade Seven

Life in the Aftermath

Lingerie Kickboxer
Lingerie Kickboxer

Lingerie Kickboxer Behind the Scenes
Lingerie Kickboxer: Behind the Scenes

A Little Bit About What's Going On

Lockoff LAX
Lockoff LAX

Max Hell Frog Warrior

Max Hell in Frogtown: A Zen Speed Flick

Mechanical Ballet
Mechanical Ballet

Mimes: Silent But Deadly

Naked Avenger

9 mm Sunrise

Oblivion Tokyo
Oblivion Tokyo

One Shot Sam

Outside Through the Labyrinth

Preachin’ the Gospel

Return of the Roller Blade Seven

Ride with the Devil

The Rock n' Roll Cops

Rock n' Roll Cops Lite

The Roller Blade Seven

Roller Blade Seven: The Unseen Scenes

The Unssen Scenes Lite
Roller Blade Seven: The Unseen Scenes Lite

Roller Blade 3: The Movie That Never Was

Salvation Mountain

Samurai Ballet

Samurai Johnny Frankenstein

Samurai Vampires: A Zen Speed Flick

Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell

Sealed with a Bullet

Shinjuku Phantasmagoria
Shinjuku Phantasmagoria

Shotgun Blvd.

Somewhere Between Now and Then

Somewhere Between Then and Now
Somewhere Between Then and Now

Speaking Chinese in Hollywood

Stardate Jerusalem
Stardate Jerusalem

Szamuraj utja
Szamuraj Utja

Super Hero Central

Toad Warrior

Toy Cars
Toy Cars

Undercover X

Vampire Abstracta

Vampire Black: Trail of the Dead

Vampire Blvd.

Vampire Noir

Vampire Sunrise

The White Cat

Witch's Brew

Yin Yang Insane


Baby Ghost

Crimes of Tomorrow

Demon Lover The Devil Master


Kill Kill Overkill
Kill Kill Overkill

Little Lost Sea Serpent


Raw Energy

Roller Blade
Roller Blade

Roller Blade - The Japanese Release

Roller Blade Warriors


Strip Club Nights

UFO: Secret Video

Wrestling: In the Ring and Behind the Scenes