Zen Filmmaking Be Positive

Zen Filmmaking: The Final Definition

In the first exploration of Zen Filmmaking: 1991 until approximately 2002, many of the Zen Films were based upon character-driven dramas. Though always visually illuminating, by the early-2000s, Scott Shaw began to redefine this Cinematic Art. Born, was the Non-Narrative Zen Film. These films initially held descriptions such as A Zen Film Mind Ride, A Zen Film Meditation, A Zen Film Acid Flick, and A Zen Film Movie in the Moment. In 2009, Scott Shaw created the last character-driven Zen Film. Thus, evolved was the final stage of Zen Filmmaking with all works being free of dialogue and focusing solely upon moving visual images and holding the titled, “A Zen Film.”

Freedom of mind is the ultimate definition of Zen Filmmaking.